Top Tips for improving productivity during lockdown! 


A lockdown can be a difficult and complex time, as nobody is used to isolation. However, if we organize our time and set a certain schedule with activities, we can take full advantage of this time. With this in mind, here are a few tips that are sure to enable you to perform much more effectively working or studying from home. 


Find the ideal workspace

For the days working in lockdown, it is essential to find an exclusive and optimal workspace. Try to avoid places where you normally relax. Set up your workspace somewhere that lets you concentrate and feel comfortable. 

Pyjamas are a no-no 

Let your brain and body know that it is time to work. Shower and get dressed as though you were going to leave the house. Pyjamas may be very comfortable but they don’t transmit the energy that you will need over this period to make progress effectively throughout the day

Set routines and timetables  

It is important to get into the habit and mindset of studying and working, so it is essential to set a timetable, prioritizing your activities and organizing the tasks that you have to get done over the course of the day. 


Plan your day 

It is not all work and study. It is important that you plan your day and include other activities like rest breaks, exercise and time to socialize. Throughout this period, every day represents a new challenge. If you plan them effectively, not only will they pass by more quickly, but you will also take better advantage of them.  

Stay connected 

Nowadays, distance is no longer an obstacle, so make video calls and use chats to keep in active communication with your family, friends, professional contacts and classmates. It is very important to maintain the cohesion of teams and regular contact is the only sure way of doing so.

Schedule your rest breaks 

Just like exercise, you can do without your downtime. Schedule rest breaks and make them part of your day-to-day routine, so that you can recharge your batteries and keep achieving your goals effectively. 

Maintain a positive attitude! 

Last but not least, it's essential to maintain a positive attitude, focusing on the here and now, and what motivates you to keep moving forward in your day-to-day life. This is sure to be a complex period, but these are the challenges that define us as people, so take heart and keep moving onwards!