What motivates employees

Every leader wants their employees to use their talents to the fullest capacity. But realistically, it’s not possible for this to be done 100 per cent of the time.

Everyone is bound to go through a brief dip in performance and productivity. Therefore, it’s important to know what motivates people. To name a few, employees might be motivated by:


  • A paycheck
  • Self-development or to stretch themselves
  • Risk or change
  • The approval of their peers or management
  • The prospect of earning a promotion
  • The allure of advancing their career, even if it means changing employers


As a leader, it’s your job to help your team power through those slumps and bring performance and engagement levels back to their peaks. The best means to do that is by appealing to an individual’s motivators. How?

You have the potential to transcend those common denominators with nothing more than simple, pleasant conversation.


Why effective communication and performance are linked


Clear, consistent and genuine interaction can make a substantive, enduring impact on your workforce. By making it a standard practice to engage in conversations with your employees, you open the lines of communication, which can yield all manner of dividends.


Sources from the Insperity Blog