Top themes for keeping your best employees. 


By Paul Courtney - Director 


Small to medium business make up 99.9 % of all business, you cannot afford to lose your top talent to your competitors.


How to retain your best talent!!



The success of any business depends heavily on the effectiveness of its managers. They are the single biggest influence on the culture, well-being, engagement and nurturing the performance of your team. 

Promote the wrong person and the effect could bring catastrophic consequences to the team and its performance.

When you have the best managers we can help develop them in partnership with yourselves, our award-winning “inspirational, passionate leadership” program coaches managers to deliver success.




People want to work in a culture that oozes positivity, an inspiring culture, leads to increased performance. We will partner with you to formulate a “transformational strategic plan” where this change can be maintained on a sustained basis.  This culture change will create pathways for your employees’ well-being and development leading to improved performance and an environment where they can thrive.



Create individual personal development plans that focus on strengths and opportunities. 

Look for opportunities outside of the daily job function, this allows employees the opportunity to bring other skills, strengths to the team and reinforces value and appreciation.

Look to remove organisational barriers including hierarchy so that the employee understands the values and their pathway within the company. 



We spend so much time at work that our well-being is overlooked. It is essential for a strong positive culture to address any well-being issues head-on. 

Assessing staff engagement will give clear indicators as to where any issues exist, where we will develop a strategy to address these issues.



Gallup states the influence of a manager can affect a whopping 70% variance in employee engagement.  This means you must have the right managers in the post.

Management development is essential at OCS. We can offer our award-winning “IPL” program please contact us for further details.

The company's values and mission must resonate with the team, this gives value and purpose to individuals.

There are key stages to an employee’s life with a company from onboarding to exit. It is essential to focus on each of the stages. OCS will work strategically with you to develop a well-being and engagement experience that will put you ahead of the competition and on a great ongoing journey.


It's clear that by creating a culture that is focused on your team you can create the circumstances whereby your team will want to stay with you and exceed expectations. We can help, our outstanding experience in transformational culture change and team development is available now.



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