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Leadership Development Programme

This programme is a range of workshops and learning events that explore leadership issues. The course is designed to equip your organisation with everything you need so you can develop inspiring leaders.

Topics covered include:

  • Poor management and leadership
  • The traits of toxic management and leadership
  • Team development
  • How to empower staff and create engaged teams
  • How to inspire people
  • How to mould leaders

The leadership development programme is aimed not just at care services but the wider business sector as a whole. If you feel that your organisation is suffering from inadequate management or lacking leaders, this course is designed to help you. It is a 3 month course that also includes mentorship, support and development. For further details about our care consulting and leadership development programme, contact us today at Outstanding Care Solutions.

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Mystery shopping is more than a tool for gauging customer service and sales effectiveness at your facility. The information gathered can provide insight useful for numerous projects, such as:

  • Identifying the first impressions visitors have of your facilities;
  • Monitoring whether the proper information is being communicated to visitors;
  • Checking adherence to marketing standards, protocols, procedures, etc.;
  • Clarifying areas of poor performance indicated in other forms of research;
  • Identifying how prospective employees are treated during an interview;
  • Determining training needs;
  • Monitoring how the telephone is handled during business and non-business hours;
  • Checking for consistency of format, standards, and appearance from facility to facility (an asset for regional and national long term care systems);
  • Acquiring an “inside view” of how well your competitors perform




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Staff Development Programme

This programme is a mixture of operational techniques and engagement surveys that aim to improve and enhance your workforce. By the end of the course, your organisation will have a better understanding of how to motivate and engage your staff.

Topics covered include:

  • What is working with your staff
  • What isn’t working with your staff
  • Staff engagement
  • Increasing productivity
  • Reducing sickness
  • Developing a mission
  • Improving reputation

The staff development programme aims to identify underlying issues, and formulate a strategy that will enable you to rectify these.

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Quality Care Audits

Our quality care audits will provide you with an in depth appraisal of your care home, so you can move your organisation to the next level. From this you will be able to see how near or far you are from the fundamental standards required by the CQC. We can provide a report and action plan that will assess your care home in its entirety, so you know the precise steps that you need to take to improve the outcomes for residents or service users.

We can also focus on individual key lines of enquiry if you feel that your care home is weak in a particular area. We can complete bespoke mystery shopper/customer audits and tailor them appropriately to your business. For more information about care consulting and quality care audits, get in touch with us at Outstanding Care Solutions.

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Bespoke Learning Workshops

Our bespoke learning workshops are a range of person centred/feelings based learning events that cover a range of topics including the CQC’s key lines of enquiry. One of our most popular events is the Road to Outstanding series which is a range of practical workshops that take you through all the steps towards attaining an outstanding report from the CQC. For more information about our next events and our care consulting, please contact us at Outstanding Care Solutions.

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Public Speaking Workshops

We speak regularly at a number of conferences, workshops and networking events. We discuss a range of care and business topics including: outstanding care, team development, business performance and effective leadership. If you are holding an event and would like to find out more about our care consulting in the UK, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Outstanding Care Solutions.

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