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Improving the Lives of Those Living and Working in Care

At Outstanding Care Solutions, we make care homes better. If you run a care home with an inadequate/good CQC rating and are seeking a good/outstanding CQC certification – we will get you there. We can provide you with a toolkit that will provide you with clear, practical steps, enabling you to increase staff engagement, improve resident’s lives and transform your care home.

We also provide a range of development programmes for the care sector but also the wider business industry as a whole. We run workshops, audits and programmes that will equip your organisation with the tools to engage teams, develop leaders and boost staff morale.

To learn more about our care consulting in South Devon and the UK, get in touch with us at Outstanding Care Solutions and find out what we can do for your care home.




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The Outstanding Tool Kit

The outstanding toolkit is our tailored action plan that will move your care home from good to outstanding or inadequate to good. The toolkit is a range of developmental, operational and aspirational strategies which we will help you implement, through regular mentoring, support and feedback. What makes our toolkit so special is the fact that we have a demonstrable track record in upgrading care home ratings, so we know exactly what to do.

Not only can we improve your rating, we can also:

  • Increase occupancy
  • Increase weekly fee rates
  • Improve your reputation

If you would like us to focus on a particular issue, we can tailor our toolkit accordingly.

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Other Services



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Leadership Development Programme

These workshops and learning events explore a range of issues such as toxic leadership, engaging teams and developing leaders. This programme includes mentorship, support and development.

Staff Development Programme

If you would like to identify underlying problems in your organisation, our staff development programme will enable you to engage and improve your workforce.

Quality Care Audits

Our quality care audits have been developed around the CQC key lines of enquiry, and will provide you with a transformational action plan to improve the outcomes for your residents or service users.

Bespoke Learning Workshops

We run a range of person centred/feelings based care workshops and learning events that provide practical guidance in how to achieve a CQC outstanding rating.

Public Speaking Workshops

Our public speaking workshops discuss outstanding care, why it matters and how to get there.

Find out more about our care consulting and care standard programmes, by contacting us at Outstanding Care Solutions.




Why Choose Outstanding Care Solutions

Our Track Record Is Unparalleled

As care managers we have transformed the CQC rating of 6 care homes. This is unprecedented.

Our Toolkit is Unsurpassed

Our strategies provide you with absolutely everything you need to move your care home to the next level.

We Are Always Available

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness. Whatever the time or day, we will be available to help you.


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Our Coverage

Outstanding Care Solutions is based in Shaldon, South Devon. Our reach is national and we can provide care consulting services all over the UK including London, Birmingham and Manchester. If your care home provides inadequate care and requires improvement, contact us today.


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Our Mission

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Interested in our care consultancy service, or want to learn more about our Outstanding Tool Kit and how to utilise it with your business? contact us using the contact form below.

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